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The growing interest of bringing together both artwork and design objects has become a fundamental aspect of our daily lives. There is currently a uniquely modern concept of design that finds society searching for ways to fuse the aesthetic along with the functional, thus giving them the opportunity to renovate spaces with unique styles all their own.

The newly created department of Opportunities – Cerro de Mayka seeks to satisfy the ever-growing demands of a knowledgeable public that are increasingly interested in acquiring and consigning design objects that are linked to both aesthetic modernity and everyday use. Linking both kinds of design objects helps bring about a unique reevaluation of how items from different origins and different purposes can coexist meaningfully in a defined space. Some of the objects that we strive to include in our auctions are exclusive furniture designs from the twentieth century, both pictorial and graphic work by celebrated artists, fine glassware, silverware, ivory, lamps, chandeliers, carpets, and fine china, all among a variety of objects of the highest quality.

Our team of specialists aims to offer you an extraordinary experience for the consignment and sale of your pieces, together with first-rate advice regarding how to best decorate and restructure specific spaces with the items acquired at our auctions.



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