Morton Subastas

Terms and Conditions

If you have not purchased at our auctions before, please read the following auction rules:

  1. General:
    1. Morton Subastas S.A. de C.V., referred to as (Morton Subastas) acts only as consignee in the sale of furniture and assorted property, under contracts previously agreed on with the necessary items with whosoever owns the items.
    2. The data contained in the auction catalog or any other statement made about the author of the work, origin, age, date, state, authenticity, or price thereof, are the sole and exclusive responsibility of its owners.
    3. The auction will be held in national currency and with the minimum number of bidders previously determined by "Morton Subastas".
  2. Lots:
    1. The items that will be auctioned will be organized in lots made up of one or more items, in the order and numeration dictated by “Morton Subastas”.
    2. The lots will be described and, in some cases, photographs will be included in the catalog manufactured by “Morton Subastas”.
    3. The lots will be displayed for inspection at the location designated by "Morton Subastas", at least with 3 calendar days’ time before the auction. The staff of "Morton Subastas" will be at your disposal to show any lot in detail.
    4. Lots will be auctioned in the physical condition in which they are consigned at the time of the auction, and therefore no refunds or claims will be accepted for damages, imperfections or restorations, even if this is not included in the description within the auction catalog.
    5. The estimated prices that are printed underneath the catalog descriptions are the approximate prices the items are expected to obtain in auction, not including the auction house’s commission. No estimates will be provided for lots that will sell for under $1,000 MXN for Opportunity Auctions, nor for items selling under $2, 500 MXN for thematic auctions.
    6. Lots that are auctioned will be offered at a minimum sales price previously agreed between the lot owner and "Morton Subastas", and may only be modified by a previously written agreement between the two parties.
    7. For auction purposes, the person who has the power to bid in the course of the auction will be now be referred to as “bidder”, “tenderer”, or “prospective buyer”.
  3. Bidding in attendance:

    Staff authorized by "Morton Subastas" may make bids on behalf of bidders at no charge to the bidder, and in accordance with the following rules:

    1. The bidder may send his position to "Morton Subastas" up to four hours before the auction is held by providing the registration form for Offers In Absentia directly to our offices, with acknowledgement of receipt, by fax or by email to the following address:; the format is available in our offices as well as in the auction catalog.
    2. "Morton Subastas" will need to have received the bidder's positions, indicating a maximum amount as the limit for each bid.
    3. In the event that the maximum limit set by the absent bidder is matched by the last bid of the room, "Morton Subastas" is authorized to raise the next bid on behalf of the absent bidder; otherwise, the bidder present in the room will have priority over the lot. This information is considered confidential.
    4. As a guarantee of payment, in the event of the bidder physically going to "Morton Subastas" to register offers for bidding in absentia, the bidder must sign a check or present proof of a bank-issued credit card or American Express to the order of "Morton Subastas"
    5. Lots will be awarded at the lowest price allowed by other bids or postures in the room or by absent bidders.
    6. In the event of there being two or more absent potential buyers bidding for the same lot and for the same quantity, the lot shall be awarded to the bidder whose offer has been submitted first in day and time. Otherwise, all normal auction rules apply.
    7. Morton Subastas is NOT responsible if any of the absentee offers are unsuccessful.
    8. Morton Subastas DOES NOT accept unlimited offers.
  4. Bidding Over the Phone
    1. Offers can be made over the phone at the auction room during the course of the auction, but not before submitting a written request delivered to "Morton Subastas" at least two business days in advance so long as it is for more than $15,000.00 MXN for each lot of interest. The conditions for bidding successfully are the same as for absentee offers. You can send us your offers and other documents by fax or to the following email address:
    2. Phone offers that contain no specific postures are not accepted.
  5. Export
    1. The buyer should always check whether authorizations, permits, or export/import licenses are required. By participating in the auction, you agree that it is your sole responsibility to obtain any export or import license, authorization, or permit required, and that the refusal to seek any required permit, authorization, or license, or any delay in obtaining them will not justify the termination or return of any purchased item, or any delay in making the full payment of the acquired property.
    2. BUYERS RENOUNCE ASKING FOR REFUNDS in any of the cases mentioned above. Local laws may prohibit the import or export of certain items, and/or may limit the resale of any property. If you have questions in regards to whether the property might fit into any of these scenarios, please ask us before buying.
  6. Auctions
    1. At the beginning of the auction, the auctioneer will indicate the lot to be auctioned, either by means of the number corresponding to the auction catalog or by reading the description, characteristics, and starting price.
    2. The auction of each lot will start when the auctioneer announces the starting price of the same. At this time, the bidders will be able to make their offers or bids effective, and/or accept the posture offered by the auctioneer. The auctioneer will be able to open the bidding of any lot by placing a starting price in the name of a seller.
    3. For the auctioneer to award a lot, there may be no new bids that improve upon the last one offered. Consequently, the price mentioned by the auctioneer will be the hammer or sale price to be paid by the bidder.
    4. Bidding, i.e. the amount offered by the bidder in regards to either the previous bid offered or the starting price, shall run according the following table:
      • From $100 to $1000 $100
      • From $1,000 to $5,000 $200 / $500 / $800
      • From $5,000 to $10,000 $500
      • From $10,000 to $2000 $1,000
      • From $20,000 to $50,000 $2,000
      • From $50,000 to $100,000 $5,000
      • More than $10,000
    5. Transportation of the purchased item will be at the buyer's expense.
    6. Once a lot has been awarded, no claims or cancellations are accepted.
    7. The merchandise is auctioned, awarded, and delivered in the same condition it is in at the time of the auction; we recommend you attend our exhibitions or fully verify that the lot to be auctioned meets the conditions and characteristics you seek.

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